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The Qubelok system lets you design and create your own storage, display furniture and items for domestic or office use. Qubelok’s strength and light weight gives you unlimited design options. Available in a range of colours and with a variety of accessories, the only limit is your imagination!


Versatile, solid geometric combinations. Solid geometric shapes like those ticked below are the strongest. Connecting cube shapes make the strongest units.
Cube shapes are very strong.
Longer legs need a stiffening cross member.
There should be no unsupported horizontals. (cantilevers)
Legs up to 300mm long may be used on most structures. Up to 400mm long on light duty tables and stands.
Usually all joints should be supported by downward struts


Qubelok Sections

Qubelok has lipped tubing (QUB1L) available which allows you to inset timber or glass shelving to suit your needs. Flip the tubing over to create a low or high set lip for a flush finish.

TIMBER Shelves or table tops of 17mm timber or particle board fit neatly on the low set
lip support.

GLASS When fitting glass or perspex, turn the lipped tubing over to set the lip high for a 6mm thickness.

Accessories and Connectors

Castors – Fit precisely and securely into the tubing to make items easy to move around.

End Cap – Finish off legs and prevent scuffing on your tile, carpet or timber flooring.

Qubelok Extrusions are available in mill finish, clear or black anodised, or custom order any colour.

Choose from seven different Qubelok connectors to create any number of combinations


The graph below shows acceptable loads on maximum supported spans.


To increase the strength of your design, simply add another vertical support.

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